About Us

It's time for us to own that what we are doing is paradigm shifting, and that we are changing the world. -- Ellen Grill

Have you been wanting to make changes in your life, but had difficulty making and sustaining them?  Would you like to explore who and what you are in an open and honest way? At Inner Source Healing, you are supported in creating an experience of positive change in your life, without unnecessary hardship or upheaval.

Since 2003, Inner Source has been offering a variety of programs and activities to help people gain a fuller connection to themselves and to others.  In an atmosphere of acceptance and hope, our programs utilize a wide variety of techniques, including experiential exercises, meditation, sounding, movement, and group discussions, in order to facilitate unique and transformative healing.

Some of the approaches used at Inner Source are described in detail in The Way of Love: A Practical Approach to Spiritual Awakening by Marlene Keesler and David Harman. The Way of Love provides simple, yet powerful, steps for finding true fulfillment in life.

Inner Source Healing has been designated a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.