The Way of Love

The Way of Love is a comprehensive program that provides space for profound growth and self-transformation.  In a supportive environment, individuals will be able to develop a capacity to heal themselves and learn how they can inspire healing in others.  Many of the approaches used in this program are described in the book The Way of Love by Marlene Keesler, M.A. and David Harman, Ph.D. The program provides a fundamental curriculum over a 4-year period, which the students help to shape year by year.

Year One: Participants will begin to form a cohesive group with their class, providing an honest and grounded environment to explore the multifaceted nature of energy, how to open to more flow, and how to create balance and respect for the eternal Source of life. Students explore spiritual and psychological insights through Pathwork lectures and experiential exercises. In this process, they come to understand more deeply how we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Year Two: Through various exercises of healing, Second Year students explore developmental issues and how they express energetically in the body. Students learn how to gain freedom through allowing feelings – which can be fostered through exploring and healing all levels of one's defense structures. Various healing techniques are practiced to provide a deeper understanding of the healer-healee relationship.

Year Three: The third year program helps students bring into fruition the wisdom they have gained from exploring the unlimited Self in the previous two years. The class will participate in a healing project designed to put into practice the dynamic process of uncovering the obstacles to wholeness and discovering the choice-points for self-transformation.

Year Four: This is a year of learning about and living fully in the true realm of Authority – authoring your life authentically. Students put into practice the power of creation for both themselves and the world with an emphasis on meaningful service. Students also have the opportunity to practice healership with peer and teacher supervision.